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We all know that an ideal scenario of you bringing in two people, who each brings in two rarely happens, so does that matter with ERA? The answer is no it doesn't matter. This is because our pay plan is a forced matrix so it doesn't matter if several people bring in no members and another person brings in plenty because of SPILLOVER and SPILLUNDER. As long as the 6 positions on the 2 levels below you all get filled, it doesn't really matter if it is because of members that spillover or spillunder, or members who are superstars or novices. Not only is this 2x2 forced matrix of ERA one of the most lucrative on the internet today, it is also one of the fairest because the underdog always has a chance to cycle as people can go into his or her matrix due to the efforts of the members above and below.

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ERA Health Essentials Event

Join us on Sunday at 6:00pm at Camela Hotel, Pagadian City, Zamboanga del Sur ! As Era Health Essentials delivers a reliable marketing plan for all entrepreneurial transactions in the industry with wide range of marketing strategies!

Be there and witness the most talked about Product and complan in the industry today!

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Help us reach 5000 likes!

We invested our lives into our companies product and opportunity because we had belief in ourselves and in what our product could do.

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ERA Health Compensation Plan is designed to pay you for your efforts

ERA Health Compensation Plan is designed to pay you for your efforts. Whether you are building a part-time income or full-time business, the Compensation Plan is your road map to success and provides you with many rewards along the way. There are countless ways to build your ERA Health Business at your own pace. The best part – it's all up to you!

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About Us

    Today's diet is not providing sufficient nutritional value to wand off Chronic Diseases. While nutrient intake in North America are generally sufficient to avoid overt vitamin defficiencies, sub-clinical defficiencies are common. Fruits and Vegetables are the main dietary sources of most vitamins and minerals and health experts have long recommended at least five daily servings of each..

    Era Health Essentials aims to serve humanity by educating them that no amount of money can equate to a good health. High cost of getting sick has sent alarm signals all over the world. Increasing cost of hospitalization, medical practitioner's professional fees and medicines became a burden to everyone of us.

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     ERA Health Essential Products is a subsidiary of ERA Marketing Network Solutions operates as Multi-level marketing company which aims to give our customers an extraordinary discovery and make our products better and better and this boils down to two words UNLIMITED POTENTIAL.

     At ERA,Concern for others doesn't end with business fact that's only the beginning.

     ERA wants to participate in humanitarian causes around the globe, helping those in need enjoy a better quality of life..